Jake's First Month

Hi there! I’m Jake, a Graduate Software Engineer at Kogan.com. I’ve recently finished a Software Engineering degree and have been working here for one month now. This post will share a little bit about my experience here & what you can expect from the application process.

Kogan.com was a very attractive place to work for me. I had heard good things from previous employed devs & the React Melbourne meetup. My goal was to find a workplace that fostered learning & provide opportunities to work with the latest web tech using best practices which Kogan represented. I also believed in the company’s vision after undertaking an internship at a tech startup in Shanghai, China involving the development of private label products.

I emailed Kogan.com asking if there were any job opportunities. The application process went something like this:

  1. Coding challenge to solve in approximately 1 week in any language you like. I suggest you pick something you’re strong at, not just because it’s used at Kogan. i.e. if you’re good at Ruby, use it!

  2. Phone interview.

  3. Onsite technical interview (or if you’re far, far away Skype) & lightning talk. This goes for around 1 hour. You will be asked to work through a coding problem & answer using code and pseudocode. One or more senior developers will be there to guide you through.

  4. Receive an offer.

This process was incredibly fast, with less than 3 weeks from application to offer.

The Kogan office is awesome. It’s hard to go wrong with casual clothes, ping pong & arcade machines. There’s also yoga on Thursday mornings :O

Something unusual in an organisation of this size is being able to choose which operating system you’re using. Additionally you can opt for extra accessories such as a standing desk too (they are actually pretty sweet).

As a graduate, it can be a little overwhelming at times understanding how to solve a problem. Luckily I have the support of other team members at all times, who are happy to help out & guide me towards the best solution. I feel extremely privileged for my role at Kogan.com & am looking forward to what the future holds!