React JS Melbourne - June Meetup & Video

We're loving the growth React JS is having in Melbourne and it's great to see the React Melbourne Meetup group's developers are driving adoption of React and it's associated patterns and tools across small and large organisations!

Check out the video of the June MeetUp!

A quick g'day from the ReactJS Meetup regularly held at HQ. 

The React Melbourne group has seen huge growth numbers and we had 200 RSVPs plus a substantial waitlist at the last MeetUp - so get in quick on the next one! 

In order to share the experience with those that were on the waitlist or couldn't make it - we also made a Live Stream recording of the night:  ... be warned, it doesn't flow as smoothly as the YouTube clip above ;)

Slide Links

Using Typescript with React  - by Mair Swartz, Team Leader at Oakton

SVGs in React - by Ken Ding (REA) 

Information on the talk topics and comments are available on the MeetUp event page: