How to Transform your Team's Communication with Stakeholders

How to Transform your Team's Communication with Stakeholders

As tech people - we quickly flock to digital tools to manage our workflow and processes.  Although an Agile digital task tracker is a great start - at our Physical wall has had huge impact in communicating work in process and priority to our stakeholders - find out why and how you can transform your stakeholder communication.

eClaire - printing our trello cards for our physical wall

There is nothing that creates visibility, collaboration and flexibility of process in a team like a physical wall.

It allows you to show what is currently being worked on and whois owning it, where the bottlenecks are in your process, how much and what is in the backlog and the list goes on.

It provides an awesome mechanism to trigger and facilitate conversations around and provides a visual que that often speaks a thousand words.

But as much I advocated for physical walls to manage a team they are not without their limitations.

They lack the detail and the reporting aspect that you really need an online tool to fulfill and that's why...